Thursday, August 6, 2009

San Diego Comic Con...just a taste

Here's a couple pics of the stuff I had on display at Comic Con, thanks much to Reb.
The first 2 are of the Mezco Mez-it I did. This was just a showcase to promote their new DIY platform figure. Dunno if these will be for sale or if I'm getting it back. O-well, it was different to work on.

The third one is of my custom Gwins I did for October Toys on display along with my business cards and some other great artists like Kill! and OsirisOrion. I made 15 and I don't think they sold out and George told me they would be putting the remainder online. So go to and watch for them to drop soon. It was awesome to actually have my art for sale and on display at Comic Con. I can't thank George and Ayleen enough for the great opportunities they give me.

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