Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Custom Rollie

Here's my custom for the Rollie show. This was something new and way out there. The base was an Avon roll on deodorant. The plastic was hard to sculpt on and melted in some areas but it kinda added to the effect of an old wind up toy soldier.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Custom Circus Punk

I've always been a fan of the Circus Punks. I was pretty good at the knock down game as well. I started a custom a while back and never finished it. This is one of the small 7" one's that had a design on it. Tried out a new blue paint I borrowed from a friend, I really like how it turned out. This will be one of the MANY pieces I will have available at Designer Con/VTN this Nov. 21st in Pasadena, CA.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Best Birthday present ever...

So I got a call yesterday from my AM at Dominos. There was a meeting that morning & they closed down more stores including mine. Only the AM's were transfered, my manager & fellow drivers were fucked.

My manager sent me a text message Saturday telling me about the meeting but my inbox was full & I was busy w/ my party I didn't get it until it was too late. I think that's pretty shitty that I didn't get a proper call or any warning. If not for Zach(the AM) calling me & letting me know I wonder if anybody else would have bothered.

I now have to go and reapply to other stores nearby and hope they'll pick me up since they'll probably be need a couple more drivers since they'll be picking up some of my old delivery area.

I was just really getting to like that job. Both my managers were cool, I got along with everybody for the most part, I was getting hours I wanted and tips were awesome. Part of me wants to stay with the company because I know it and the other part of me wants to go apply at the Pizza Hut across the street in spite of Dominos actions. Plus I know most of their delivery area already.

So this is my long ass entry cause I really don't know where I stand right now. I need some time to think. My mom tried to hook me up with this girl in Pasadena, CA. She said I could even crash at her place when I go up there November 21st. I just might not come back. The one steady thing that kept me going here was my job. I'll miss EJ and Reb but I know they'll come visit me. I need some time to ponder on this.

::end transmission::