Monday, October 19, 2009

Best Birthday present ever...

So I got a call yesterday from my AM at Dominos. There was a meeting that morning & they closed down more stores including mine. Only the AM's were transfered, my manager & fellow drivers were fucked.

My manager sent me a text message Saturday telling me about the meeting but my inbox was full & I was busy w/ my party I didn't get it until it was too late. I think that's pretty shitty that I didn't get a proper call or any warning. If not for Zach(the AM) calling me & letting me know I wonder if anybody else would have bothered.

I now have to go and reapply to other stores nearby and hope they'll pick me up since they'll probably be need a couple more drivers since they'll be picking up some of my old delivery area.

I was just really getting to like that job. Both my managers were cool, I got along with everybody for the most part, I was getting hours I wanted and tips were awesome. Part of me wants to stay with the company because I know it and the other part of me wants to go apply at the Pizza Hut across the street in spite of Dominos actions. Plus I know most of their delivery area already.

So this is my long ass entry cause I really don't know where I stand right now. I need some time to think. My mom tried to hook me up with this girl in Pasadena, CA. She said I could even crash at her place when I go up there November 21st. I just might not come back. The one steady thing that kept me going here was my job. I'll miss EJ and Reb but I know they'll come visit me. I need some time to ponder on this.

::end transmission::

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krakit said...

Man! what a week you're having!
I hope the job situation turns
into employment soon for you.