Thursday, December 10, 2009

rustedhalo 2009 year in review

Rather then uploading a bunch of pics to a forum I created a set on flickr displaying most of what I did or was involved in for 2009. Check it out I think I only had 5 pieces in gallery shows this year. One being the Robolucha that a bunch of customs got stuck in...well customs and the shows never happened. The Illazilla which most were put up online for sale yet mine isn't and I've heard nothing back from TNES.

I had a couple things on display at SDCC including a Mez-it and the Gwins. It was cool seeing my art on display at such a big event. This of coarse was a major insiration for me to set up at Designer Con.

Designer Con was great I sold 3 mini Munnys, 1 Hazmapo, 5 Dunnys, 2 Gwins, 4 mechaduckies, several button packs, and all my stickers and business cards were gone by the end of the day. Several people contacted me after the show and I sold one other piece thus far.

Designer Con was a great way to end 2009 and 2010 is gonna bring some new things for me. I just launched my first web store/Etsy. and I'm looking into opening my own gallery here in downtown Phoenix. Here's to 2010

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krakit said...

Just checked out all the
photos in the set on flickr.
You really did a lot this
past year. May your success
continue to grow and your
new store sell sell sell :D