Monday, May 31, 2010

Zombie Slugs: From Planet 13 resin figures

My first resin figure entitled Zombie Slugs: from planet 13 was available this past weekend at Phoenix Comicon. The first picture is of my original sculpt using Super Sculpey, my preferred sculpting medium. I tried using 2 different casting materials/methods. A brush on mold using some cheap Cast n Crafts latex brand which yielded a figure with less bubbles, but more distorted and messy. The second was a 1 part mold using Tap Plastics Silicone mold, it yielded more bubbles bit with a bit of sanding a much cleaner figure. You can see the varied results in the second pic.

The figures stand in at just over 3" and come bagged with header cards(as seen) for $15 plus shipping. I still have some available if interested. SpankyStokes posted a review with a pic of my first test paint. I'll post some updates on the message boards so if you want one act fast. However if you do miss out I'm working with a couple companies to release other color exclusives. Stay tuned for details on that.


Otaking said...

Let me know the details on getting one, if you do ship to the Netherlands that is, this stuff is great!

rustedhalo said...

I'll ship anywhere. The remaining 10 are up now in my Etsy shop. just choose the international shipping option. Thanks for the interest.