Tuesday, January 5, 2010

attn: Dominos and Wade Ross

On Sunday October 18th 2009 I received a call from my assistant manager and friend telling me not to come in to work on Monday as corporate just came and shut down our Dominos store. No warning, only signs my manager saw coming. There was no option for anybody to transfer to another location, except for my assistant manager. He told me that of all the other drivers, I would be the only one he'd re-hire.

I kept in touch with him and when the Dominos store he was now working for was hiring for Delivery Drivers he put in a good word for me and got me in for an interview. The interview went great, the manager said she had 2 previous interviews that were poor and had 2 more after me, but was looking to hire on 3 drivers. She told me she'd contact me before Tuesday so I could go in for orientation if needed. I never heard back from her.

Last night my friend messaged me telling me that he talked to his manager and that Wade Ross, the district manager had told her not to hire me or any other former employees for that matter. I was not fired, nor have I ever been in trouble or had any issues at work. I don't see why a company that I had already worked for wouldn't want to hire me back. I was the best driver they had at my store. They wouldn't have to train me, I'd already know all the systems and could start to work right away. This is discrimination and I will be taking action Mr. Wade Ross.

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