Monday, January 11, 2010

custom UD Bramble

I'm a huge Ashley Wood/3A fan and love all the bots especially. After receiving my first WWRp Bramble at SDCC last year I was hooked. I bought the WWRp Bramble 6 pack and after playing with them for a while and in awe of the detail and articulation I knew I had to customize one.

I purchased 2 from , one of my new favorite online designer toys shop and went to town. After breaking one of the fingers on the right arm I was inspired to take things in a different direction by putting the gun on the arm itself. The handle popped right off and the hole was an almost perfect fit for the ball joint on the arm. I was also inspired by my newly purchased BioShock 2 Big Daddy figure. I took some elements from him and incorporated it into the back canister giving it more of that Steampunk feel. I also added some detail to the bullets, which came out quite nice. Without further ado I give you.... UD Bramble